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I have created a subclass of NStextField that expands and shrinks to accomodate changes in the text. Here is the code:

- (NSSize)sizeToFitContent
    NSRect frame = [self frame];
    CGFloat width = frame.size.width;
    frame.size.height = CGFLOAT_MAX;
    CGFloat height = [self.cell cellSizeForBounds: frame].height;
    return NSMakeSize(width, height);

- (void)textDidChange:(NSNotification *)aNotification
    [super textDidChange:aNotification];
    [(NSCell *)self.cell title];
    NSSize newSize = [self sizeToFitContent];
    if (newSize.height != self.frame.size.height) {
        [self invalidateIntrinsicContentSize];

- (NSSize)intrinsicContentSize
    if ( ![self.cell wraps] ) {
        return [super intrinsicContentSize];
    return [self sizeToFitContent];

I have verified that the control does what I want it to do in several projects. Recently I tried to place the control inside a NSTableCellView and it stopped working. If I set the stringValue of the control programmatically the control changes its size correctly. However if I type or delete text from the control it does not resize when a new line is needed. I can't really figure out why the control behaves differently in these two situations?

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I believe you will need to implement

- (CGFloat)tableView:(NSTableView *)tableView heightOfRow:(NSInteger)row

in your NSTableViewDelegate.

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mm, i already have that implemented well in my project, but it doesn't work for editing. in fact, i implemented textDidChange:(NSNotification *)aNotification which does get the notifications as you type in the cell, and it sends noteHeightOfRowsWithIndexesChanged: to my table view, but no resizing joy results. calling setNeedsDisplay on the table view doesn't force it to redraw, either. not sure it's possible with nstextfieldcell... – Billy Gray Aug 13 '13 at 19:11

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