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I have created a dynamic Bar graph using visualize function and visualize.css the value for graphs is given through HTML table now I want to perform an event on that graph.

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Create a custom event:

(function() {

     * Small event class, can be instanciated as an object or using .call used to decorate other
     * Objects with events funcitonality. 
    MyEvent.Event = function() { = {};

        this.bind = function(eventName, func) {

            if (![eventName]) {
      [eventName] = [];


        this.trigger = function(eventName, args, scope) {

            if ([eventName]) {

                var len =[eventName].length,
                    funcArgs = (jQuery.isArray(args)) ? args : [args];

                // This will go from back to front through the array not sure if this really matters?
                while (len--) {         
          [eventName][len].apply(scope || window, funcArgs);

        this.removeAllEvents = function() {
   = {};

    // Page level events class
    MyEvent.pageEvents = new MyEvent.Event();


trigger it:

MyEvent.pageEvents.trigger("Method-name", "data")); 

and Finally listen it:

MyEvent.pageEvents.bind("Method-name", function(Data) {
    //Code goes here


Take a look at trigger and bind.

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