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I am using Rails 3.2.2 and apn_sender 1.0.5 gem. I have generated proper apn_development.pem and apn_production.pem. I have added them in my rails application. By looking at some article, i have modified the apn_production.pem files permissions also. still i am not able to connect to Apple's APNS Server from my Rails Application.

feedback_data = APN::Feedback.new(:environment => :production), still returns
#<APN::Feedback: Connection not currently established to feedback.push.apple.com on 2196> 

Am i missing something or does any body have a detailed tutorial of how to send (APNS) Apple push notifications from a Rails Application.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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try this gem: kw_apn –  Jonathan Cichon Jan 10 '13 at 14:35

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I have found solution. After generating proper certificates, i was having issue with "development build of the application for other environments". By replacing the mobile application with appropriate build, problem was solved.


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the APN::Feedback.new() returns # which is a bit misleading. I thought there was a connection elsewhere that I had to make.

Turns out, I just had to call the .data method to start the connection

feedback_data = APN::Feedback.new().data
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