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I am currently trying to create Access SQL queries which results can easily be exported to Excel. The database is more or less a help for me to organize the data, but I really suck hard as SQL so I wonder if the following can be accomplished.

Any input you have would be greatly appreciated.

My structure is mostly straightforward. Projects includes ID, name, pictures, files, status and such:

PID | PName | Files | Picture [...]
  1  | P1    |  file | .....

On top of that I have a table which represents the generator setup at the project in question. It only includes the type and the amount of the generator.

GenID | PID | ModelID | Amount

Finally, I have my database of Generator Models

ModelID | ModelName | Output | ...other stuff

It should be noted that each project may have several Generator sets in tblGen associated with it, while of course each generator model in tblModels will have several item from tblGen associated with it, so tblGen is a m:n relationship table.

My goal is to create a query result which looks like this

PName | Picture (orwhatever) | Total Amount | Total Output | Models

The total amount would be something like this

SELECT sum(tblGen.Amount) AS totalamount WHERE tblGen.PID=PIDinQuestion

and total output would be the sum of amount*output for each of those generator sets which have the same PID so in pseudosql something like

SELECT sum(tblGen.Amount*tblModel.Output) as totaloutput For Any tblGen.PID=PIDinQuestion WHERE tblGen.ModelID=tblModel.ModelID

Finally, Models would ideally be a string combination of all model names which are used in this table.

Now I wonder: Is this possible using just a SQL query?

I know I could construct a temporary database using VBA that would include those options but then I could not save it as a simple query. I would need to program a user interface and onupdate the temporary table and all that. I would love to only do SQL in this database and do the main work in Excel.

So what do you think, can something like this be accomplished? If so, I might have followup question with a similar situation including cascading owner structures which I want to put into a tree diagram.

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Yes, it is. Where does Excel come in to the question? If it is pure Access, it should not be too difficult. You could get pretty far with the query design window and queries based on queries. – Fionnuala Jan 10 '13 at 13:22
Except "Finally, Models would ideally be a string combination of all model names which are used in this table.", which would need VBA. – Fionnuala Jan 10 '13 at 13:27
Thank you. Excel is going to receive the data from the queries and any further operation will be in Excel, for example diagrams, printing, design etc. That is why I don't want to rely on Access beyond queries. Could you point me into some research direction for my query? I was thinking maybe some sort of join operation might be required? Or is there a good way to run multiple queries in one query in Access? Edit: For example many things can be done using a "Report", but I ideally want just a pure data output that fits the bill. I guess I can live without the string combination if need be. – IMA Jan 10 '13 at 13:27
I would say your problem is models. If you group by when there are numerous models, you will get numerous lines. Group is the Σ symbol on the ribbon. – Fionnuala Jan 10 '13 at 13:36

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