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The following statement should delete someCars from allCars, and it works, however i was wondering if there is a better solution which specifically uses only linq

foreach (var car in someCars) 

Note that db is the instance of the db entities.

Any help would be much appreciated. cheers.

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You can use EntityFramework.Extended library to delete entities based on some condition (library available from Nuget):

db.allCars.Delete(car => /*condition*/);
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way to go, this works great, thanks a lot for your quick response –  alexchet Jan 10 '13 at 13:42

using Linq as ForEach:

db.allCars.Where(/* condition */).ToList().ForEach(car => db.allCars.Remove(car));

in the same line of this answer :) , How do I delete multiple rows in Entity Framework (without foreach)

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You can use:

db.allCars.RemoveAll(db.allCars.Where(/* condition */));
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Hi thanks for the quick response. I have indeed tried this before coming here, however it was taking to much time (Over a minute) to excute. –  alexchet Jan 10 '13 at 13:41

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