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I want some piece of advice regarding a LLVM pass. My particular problem is:

There is a method

bool patternDC::runOnFunction(Function &F) {
    if ( CC->operEquiv(icmpInstrArray[i], icmpInstrArray[j]) ) {...}

having the array elements of type Instruction*.

The called method is

bool ifChecker::operEquiv(Instruction *I1, Instruction *I2)

BUT I want to use the methods from class ICmpInst inside operEquiv. I cannot do something like

ICmpInst** II1 = dyn_cast<ICmpInst*>(I1); 

(a kind of instanceOf() from Java), having casting compilation problems.

The ICmpInst class is defined at line 913 from The inheritance diagram is at

I want to use the ICmpInst methods for objects of type Instruction. The methods are hard to copy/replicate. What solution I better to use to solve this problem? Should I use visitor pattern (about which I don't know much) ?

Thank you for any suggestion !

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The correct way to perform the cast is:

ICmpInst* II1 = dyn_cast<ICmpInst>(I1);

(ditch the extra asterisks)

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