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Kindly, Convert this below hql query to GORM either using criteria or using some API. I am new to grails and I searched enough but I did't get any positive solution for this forgive me if it is simple.

MappingDetail.executeQuery("select from MappingMaster as map where = (select from MappingDetail as mapdetail where from RawDataMasterTemplate as rawdata where like :name))",[name:'%Rick%'])

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Why do you have to use criteria here? I think this is the select where you use HQL instead.

def raw = RawDataMasterTemplate.findByNameLike('%Rick%')
def detail = MappingDetail.findByRawdata_template(raw)
def master = MappingMaster.get(detail?.id)
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Why are three database queries better than one? – Burt Beckwith Jan 10 '13 at 20:04
I didn't say they are, and I for myself would rather use op's HQL instead. But he said he wanted GORM. I doubt this can be written in criteria either. – Dolepe Jan 11 '13 at 8:58

Test this:

MappingMaster.withCriteria {
  createAlias 'mappingDetail', 'mp'
  createAlias 'mp.rawDtaMasterTemplate', 'rd'
  projections {
    property 'id'
  ilike '', '%Rick%'
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