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With adb shell input keyevent certain key events can be simulated. There are also modifier keys like SHIFT_LEFT, ALT_RIGHT etc.

I would like to simulate two keys, for instance SHIFT + A, but

 adb shell input keyevent SHIFT_LEFT; keyevent A

results only in a simple a on the screen.

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for maj, you can input text "A" –  njzk2 Jan 10 '13 at 14:31
@njzk2 I know, it was only an example. The symbols I am really after are considered Unicode characters. –  Mahoni Jan 12 '13 at 2:37
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if Shift + A is needed then you will have to do following sequence

Press shift
Press A
Release A
Release shift

this can be done by using

command format: sendevent device type code value

[command]     [device]             [type]    [code]   [value]
sendevent    /dev/input/event0    1          229      1

/dev/input/event0 is the device to send it to

[type] 1 is unknow for me ( maybe code for physical button on device )

[code] 229 is the MENU button of the emulator

[value] 1 is keydown or press down ( for keyup or up use 0 )

i wrote a batch file for sending the event to the device like below:

adb -s emulator-5554 shell sendevent /dev/input/event0 1 229 1
adb -s emulator-5554 shell sendevent /dev/input/event0 1 229 0


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