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I'm using the following:

        features: ["playpause","progress","current","duration","volume","fullscreen"],
        success:  function (mediaElement, domObject) { 
            mediaElement.addEventListener("ended", function(e){ 
                // Revert to the poster image when ended
                var $thisMediaElement = (mediaElement.id) ? jQuery("#"+mediaElement.id) : jQuery(mediaElement);

to revert back to a poster image at the end of a video being played. How would I get it to revert to a new image, i.e poster-start.png (video starts), then (video ends) poster-end.png?

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The way I do this is by changing the html in the mejs-poster div in the end function. Add this line in the end function just below where you set the $thisMediaElement variable.

    .html('<img src="images/poster2.png">');
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