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What language would a developer use to develop an application for the Bloomberg App Portal as described here: [Bloomberg press room] http://www.bloomberg.com/pressroom/bloomberg-launches-enterprise-app-portal-to-financial-markets/

To be specific, I'm not asking on how to integrate with BBG on the desktop via the Anywhere APIs. This is a question deploying a custom "app" within the terminal.

Perhaps a follow up question that should be asked separate is, has any small firm successfully deployed an app there?

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According to this link singledealerplatforms.org/tag/bloomberg-app-portal/ the language used is C#,

For $500 per month, developers will be given access to a Software Development Kit (SDK), documentation, data feed, up to 3 Terminals and developer support
Apps are subject to code review before being accepted onto the Portal
Apps are written in C# using .NET and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

According to this link www.moneymanagement.com.au/product-news/2012/bloomberg-app-portal-financial-services-software the App Portal is designed so that a PhD student could publish their own app - they may be speaking of a real case here.

If you do some more searching, you'll come across a couple of apps that look like they're from small/new companies, why not email them and ask? http://www.percentageit.com/ for example is a small company that develops apps for third parties as well, http://www.bbapplabs.com is similar for Asia

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Thanks. Can't wait to see more apps. –  amarkson Mar 8 '13 at 15:49

I am actually developping an application for bloomberg App Portal.

You have to use C# and WPF for programming (like for windows8 app)

Today there is 70 apps available, most of them are from small/middle firm.

Bloomberg provides 3 developing teminal for 2500$/month (30000/year), it also authorize to have up to 25 users. Then you have to pay 1000$ by 100 additional users

This cost can be prohibitive. I think it is why there is only 70apps after 1.5 year.

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this info is very useful. So just to be clear, the $500 per month fee is only for the software development App fee, not the Bloomberg development terminal? So the total cost is $3000 per month?

Well, that's definitely one of the main reasons for there to be only so few apps! Perhaps Bloomberg's strategy is to open the infrastructure, let people run their ideas, but only slowly, so that they would have time to get inspiration based on these ideas and develop their own product (not copying, but develop on others' ideas further). Thoughts? Or am I being too cynical?

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