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I wanted a different title to be displayed in the sub-title under my iPad app's icon and changed the Product Name for my app under Build Settings.

This worked but has had a strange side effect. Whilst the app continued to work perfectly on a connected iPad, on the emulator it now behaves in a similar way to that described in [this question].1

Namely, it says it has finished running <my app> on iPad 6.0 Simulator

I tried changing the Product Name back but the problem persists. I also tried some of the suggestions on the other question (e.g. removing armv7 frfom Required Device Capabilities) but nothing worked.

This isn't a showstopper at the moment as I have a real iPad to test on but I'd still like to understand what is going on, if anyone knows.

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Sounds like time for a reboot of the Mac. Restarting Xcode might suffice. One other thing to try is to delete the app from the simulator.

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Deleting from simulator solved it, thanks. – Robert Jan 10 '13 at 16:58

I have seen this on iPhone simulator 6. Many a times, when you click "Run" again - it runs without problem.

However if that doesn't work, you may try one of the following:

  • Project->Command+Alt+Shift+K - a choice will appear saying something like clean folders. Do it.

  • In organizer, go to derived data folder (finder) using tiny arrow just at the right of your project. Try deleting your project from finder. If it doesnt delete at once, try it often.

  • Try resetting iPhone or iPad simulator.

  • Exit XCode and reopen project. Do the same with iPhone / iPad simulator.

If you are wondering why this is happening, no one really knows! It's just some flags gone bad, restored once you re-do everything for it to work, that's it.

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Have you tried switching off the Debugger? So Edit Schemes -> Debugger -> None

Also restarting the Simulator and Xcode and cleaning the project may help

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Use another way: click on the azure icon of your project, keep the trackpad pressed until you see it allows to edit the name. Choose the name that you want, then a sheet like this will appear:

enter image description here

Click "rename" and you're done with it.

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