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I have authentication system which gets permissions from MySQL database.

CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE db.temp (authority VARCHAR(100));
INSERT INTO db.temp (authority) SELECT blog.authors.id FROM db.authors;
UPDATE db.temp SET authority=CONCAT("AUTH_",authority);

SELECT authority FROM db.temp
SELECT authority FROM db.authorities_real

This script works fine when executed from command line, but in Views, use of temporary tables is not allowed. Is there any way to do what i want without them?

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Why not just UNION using the authors table:

SELECT CONCAT('AUTH_',blog.authors.id)
FROM db.authors
SELECT authority 
FROM db.authorities_real

Instead of creating your temp table, you will just use the db.authors table in the UNION. Doing it this way you do not have to use a temp table.

The UNION will remove any duplicates from the query. If you don't mind the duplicates or do not expect any then I would use a UNION ALL

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You can combine those statements into a single one:

SELECT concat('AUTH_', blog.authors.id) as authority FROM db.authors
UNION -- all ?
SELECT authority FROM db.authorities_real`
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