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I have a Rails (paltformatec) simple_form input form in which I want to include records from a related model - I have seen association but I want to create new records rather than select one

I have the form to enter new people - where I have render I want to be able to input one or more family members into a related table: I believe I will need javascript or coffeescript to allow for a variable number of family members to be create but I can't even get one. Below is a portion of the form

= f.input  :zip, :label => 'Zip', :input_html => { :class => "span1" }
= f.input  :phone, :label => 'Phone', :input_html => { :class => "span2" }
= f.input  :spouse, :label => 'Spouse'
= render  'family_members/form'

This is my family members form where I would like to add one or more people:

= simple_form_for :family_members do |f|
= f.input :name
= f.input :relation
= f.input :age
= f.input :encrypted_ssn
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Take a look at cocoon (it has example for simple_form) or awesome_nested_fields (bit more complex but more flexible).

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