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I'm trying to write the html of various elements on my page to a textarea element. If the id of my textarea is 'textarea_id' and I have a string of html in the var, html_str, I can write the string to my text area with


This seems to work in all cases except when html_str contains markup for a selector element. In this case, only what appears to be spaces and newline characters are written to the textarea and afterward, only these characters can be written until the textarea is cleared with


regardless of the content of html_str. The number spaces and newline characters does not correspond to the number of characters in html_str Using

document.getElementById('textarea_id').innerHTML = html_str;

doesn't present this problem. If anyone has any insights on this, I'd like to understand the difference in mechanics here. Thanks

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By markup you mean symbols like <div> and so on? –  Ivan Jan 10 '13 at 15:02

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textarea, like other input elements has a value attribute, so you need to use val() like this:


Example fiddle

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You can use


To set the text of the text area

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