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I have a route defined as follows.

    pattern: /index/index/{show}
    defaults: { _controller: MyBundle:MyIndex:mypage, show: all }
        show:  activeonly|all
        name: ".+"

What I want to do in controller is, $this->forward ('home', array('show', 'activeonly');

I can't find anywhere that this is possible. Looking around, I got the following question and answer.

Symfony 2: How to get route defaults by route name? . But the solution given (accepted) doesn't work. It's because, defaults is returned as private value of an object, which can't be read.

It would be great to know, if there is anyway that I can read _defaults value of a route by it's name and use that value to forward?

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Why don't you just call route without parameters as you use default values ? –  AlterPHP Jan 10 '13 at 16:09
forward wouldn't work with route name. I can't use redirect (with which I could use the router name) as I have mentioned below, the parameters are dynamic in values and numbers and a lot more (upto 15). –  Webghost Jan 10 '13 at 20:26

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Inside your controller use:

$defaults = $this->get('router')->getRouteCollection()->get('home')->getDefaults();

to get the defaults of the 'home' route.

Don't access the defaults by their property _defaults but use the getter Route::getDefaults() instead.

See Symfony2 API: Symfony\Component\Routing\Route::getDefaults()

But as the name "Default value" states, you don't have to specifiy them when using that route because they will be chosen by default. So if you want to forward to your home route simply use:

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Thanks a lot. That's exactly what I was missing –  Webghost Jan 10 '13 at 15:35

You have to use forward with controller name, not with route.

e.g :

If you want a specific value :

$this->forward ('MyBundle:MyIndex:mypage', array('show' =>'activeonly'));

If you want the default value :


If you want to use route, use redirect instead.


Some info here

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Very valid point GreenLeaf. But I couldn't do redirect cause, the route can be using POST method as well. And when I experimented, it looks to me that I can use this->forward ('MyBundle\Controller\MyIndexController::mypageAction', array ('show' => 'activeonly')) works, where the first parameter is value which came from router defaults. I hope, I'm not missing anything. –  Webghost Jan 10 '13 at 15:42

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