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I'm having a problem with changing ActiveMQ port in ServiceMix.

I've set aproperiate property in /etc/ activemq.port = 61617

Then, in etc/activemq-broker.xml I ensured that it is useing new port. I' haven't made any further changes. Then I've restarted/updated and refreshed all bundls in SMX4. After that I checked my network interface with netstat and it showed that SMX 4 is using new port - 61617.

After that I've deploy my bundle (which works perfectly on default configuration of ActiveMQ) which is adding a message to activemq, then reads it and returns enriched response.

It doesn't work and in logs i can see this error: 2013-01-10 16:02:07,519 | DEBUG | ActiveMQ Task-1 | FailoverTransport | ? ? | 49 - org.apache.activemq.activemq-core - 5.5.1 | Attempting connect to: tcp://localhost:61616

Deleting the /data catalog produces random errors - like 'ServiceMix Util Bunlde' cannot be find - and really can't be, becouse I've to install it manualy after that kind of operation.

Any thoughts on that ? My target is to configure ServiceMix as a Cluster via ActiveMQ. Maybe some suggestions ?

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So I'm not 100% sure without digging into it myself.. but I wonder if servicemix has a default connectionFactory (osgi service?) somewhere that's being automatically used?

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