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In my website I want to give a link through which user can send mail to me.

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3 Answers

<a href="mailto:dnyaneshwar@example.com">Mail me</a>

When the user clicks the link that this will make on your website, their default email program will open, with your e-mail address in the "to" field.

This has nothing to do with ASP.net 2.0 - it will work on any web page in any web browser, no matter how that web page is generated.

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Simple MailTo

<a href="mailto:astark1@unl.edu">mail me</a>

MailTo with Multiple Recipients

<a href="mailto:astark1@unl.edu,ASTARK1@UNL.EDU">mail me</a>

MailTo with Subject

<a href="mailto:astark1@unl.edu?subject=Comments from MailTo Syntax Page">mail me</a>

MailTo with a Copy

<a href="mailto:astark1@unl.edu?cc=ASTARK1@UNL.EDU">mail me</a>

MailTo with a Blind Copy

<a href="mailto:astark1@unl.edu?bcc=ASTARK1@UNL.EDU">mail me</a>

MailTo with message already started in Body

<a href="mailto:astark1@unl.edu?body=I am having trouble finding information on ">mail me</a>

MailTo with multiline message in Body

<a href="mailto:astark1@unl.edu?body=The message's first paragraph.%0A%0aSecond paragraph.%0A%0AThird Paragraph.">mail me</a>
NOTE: Use "%0A" for a new line, use "%0A%0A" for a new line preceded by a blank line.

Features may be used in combination

MailTo with Subject, a Recipient, a Copy and a Blind Copy

<a href="mailto:astark1@unl.edu?subject=MailTo Comments&cc=ASTARK1@UNL.EDU&bcc=id@internet.node">mail me</a>

It is recommended that you use a process other than MailTo handle the e-mail process from your web site.

If you do use MailTo, please encode the included e-mail address(s) to reduce the spam for that address.


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problem with using mailto: is that you get spammed silly by bots that traul for mail links. I'd rather seen an enquiry form written and sent with .Net.Mail.SmtpClient like DevStuff has suggested. A Captcha is a must too –  MJJames Sep 15 '09 at 10:36
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If you don't want to expose an email address to spammers I'd recommend creating a contact form (with a CAPTCHA) and use the System.Net.Mail.MailMessage and System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient classes.

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