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I have a TabControl in my app. Based on the selected checkboxes, I create a TabItem at runtime. When a checkbox is unchecked, that TabItem must be removed. Now, my problem is, I need just to remove only that TabItem.

I was implementing this, and created every TabItem again. But as I said, I lose all the info of all tabs when a checkbox is checked or unchecked:


I was a reading some posts and tried this:

TabPage tb = new TabPage();
tb = tc_Descuento.Controls.Find("Cuota-" + Convert.ToString(cuota.num_cuota));

The name of the TabItem is : "Cuota-" + Convert.ToString(cuota.num_cuota)

What I tried is to create a TabItem, then find it in the TabControl by its name. And then remove it from the list of TabPages in the TabControl.

I´m getting a compilation error. Surely, its because I cannot convert a Control item into a TabPage. But then, how can I get that TabItem control as a TabItem and not a control?



tb = Convert.ChangeType(tc_Descuento.Controls.Find("Cuota-" + Convert.ToString(cuota.num_cuota), false).First(), TabItem);

I tried this now, I need a way to convert the control to a TabItem.. But this is not compilating either :/

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Already found my answer!

This is the way to do it:

tb = (TabPage)(tc_Descuento.Controls.Find("Cuota-" + Convert.ToString(cuota.num_cuota), false).First());

You have to cast the type at the beginning.

Hope this can help somebody out!

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