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Does anyone have C# code handy for doing a ping and traceroute to a target computer? I am looking for a pure code solution, not what I'm doing now, which is invoking the ping.exe and tracert.exe program and parsing the output. I would like something more robust.

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Although the Base Class Library includes Ping, the BCL does not include any tracert functionality.

However, a quick search reveals two open-source attempts, the first in C# the second in C++:

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Given that I had to write a TraceRoute class today I figured I might as well share the source code.

using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Net.NetworkInformation;
using System.Text;
using System.Net;

namespace Answer
  public class TraceRoute
    private const string Data = "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa";

    public static IEnumerable<IPAddress> GetTraceRoute(string hostNameOrAddress)
      return GetTraceRoute(hostNameOrAddress, 1);
    private static IEnumerable<IPAddress> GetTraceRoute(string hostNameOrAddress, int ttl)
      Ping pinger = new Ping();
      PingOptions pingerOptions = new PingOptions(ttl, true);
      int timeout = 10000;
      byte[] buffer = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(Data);
      PingReply reply = default(PingReply);

      reply = pinger.Send(hostNameOrAddress, timeout, buffer, pingerOptions);

      List<IPAddress> result = new List<IPAddress>();
      if (reply.Status == IPStatus.Success)
      else if (reply.Status == IPStatus.TtlExpired || reply.Status == IPStatus.TimedOut)
        //add the currently returned address if an address was found with this TTL
        if (reply.Status == IPStatus.TtlExpired) result.Add(reply.Address);
        //recurse to get the next address...
        IEnumerable<IPAddress> tempResult = default(IEnumerable<IPAddress>);
        tempResult = GetTraceRoute(hostNameOrAddress, ttl + 1);

      return result;

And a VB version for anyone that wants/needs it

Public Class TraceRoute
    Private Const Data As String = "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

    Public Shared Function GetTraceRoute(ByVal hostNameOrAddress As String) As IEnumerable(Of IPAddress)
        Return GetTraceRoute(hostNameOrAddress, 1)
    End Function
    Private Shared Function GetTraceRoute(ByVal hostNameOrAddress As String, ByVal ttl As Integer) As IEnumerable(Of IPAddress)
        Dim pinger As Ping = New Ping
        Dim pingerOptions As PingOptions = New PingOptions(ttl, True)
        Dim timeout As Integer = 10000
        Dim buffer() As Byte = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(Data)
        Dim reply As PingReply

        reply = pinger.Send(hostNameOrAddress, timeout, buffer, pingerOptions)

        Dim result As List(Of IPAddress) = New List(Of IPAddress)
        If reply.Status = IPStatus.Success Then
        ElseIf reply.Status = IPStatus.TtlExpired Then
            'add the currently returned address
            'recurse to get the next address...
            Dim tempResult As IEnumerable(Of IPAddress)
            tempResult = GetTraceRoute(hostNameOrAddress, ttl + 1)
        End If

        Return result
    End Function
End Class
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Cool solution. Minor point but since you used an IEnumerable<> return, you might consider doing yield return instead of populating the list. – Jeff May 23 '12 at 2:28

For the ping part, take a look at the Ping class on MSDN.

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The following code example demonstrates using the Ping class synchronously. See Ping class. – Kiquenet Jan 31 '11 at 20:16

Here is how to implemente traceoute

and another how to implement Ping.

The above replicates the same behaviour as windows ping and traceroute and is very simple to implement.

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Have a look at -

If you can afford to pay, the Dart networking widgets are pretty good:

There's another freebie implementation here: and here

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I would start looking for them in the System.Net namespace

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This one solves the ping problem without using third party

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