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I created an EC2 linux box with: Oracle Database 64-bit Standard Edition One (ami-31739c58). Instance is running fine. I can connect to box from my personal computer using ssh (terminal in Mac OS Lion) by typing:

ssh -i predikto1.pem

I created a new EC2 security group opening port 1521 via TNS. I updated my tnsnames.ora file to include the correct public DNS. I was able to connect to the Oracle DB using SQL Developer from my laptop (Macbook Air).

I stopped the EC2 instance, waited a few days, and started back up the instance. The Public DNS name changed. So I went to tnsnames.ora file on my computer and updated the host field to reflect my latest (new) public DNS:

(SID = oradb)

I tried to connect from my laptop using SQL developer to the Oracle DB on EC2 and get an

error: TNS Listener does not currently know of SID given in connection descriptor.

I tried creating an elastic IP via EC2 instance screen and I assigned it to the instance. No luck substituting the host for the IP address either (IP is in the TNSNAMES.ORA file. I have re-started and nothing.

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Do you have the status "authorized" in "DB Security Group" for their "EC2 Security Group" ?

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I do. I think the issue is with the Oracle DB Listener. I had to change the IP address in the listener.ora file to be the new IP address after I restarted the EC2 instance. The issue is that the Oracle DB is not restarting or the listener is not re-starting after I bring back the instance. Researching now. – user1967231 Jan 11 '13 at 22:12

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