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I compile snmptrap as a "stand alone" application to run on an enbedded device. Sending trap with IPv4 works like a charm, but when using an IPv6 address as the destination, the following is showing in the logs:

tdomain: tdomain_transport_full("snmptrap", "udp6:[fd64:3ef5:bb33::2]", 0, "[NIL]", "[NIL]")
tdomain: Found no domain from specifier "udp6"

I compiled my net-snmp (v5.7.2) libraries with

--with-mib-modules="mibII/ipv6 host notification snmpv3mibs"
--with-transports="UDPIPv6 TCPIPv6"

And excecute the commandline app as:

snmptrap -v 1 -M ./mibs/ -c public 'udp6:[fd64:3ef5:bb33::2]' '1.2.' '' 6 99 '55'  s "teststring"

Can anyone point me in the right direction for solving this?

Cheers, Frank

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Make sure the Ipv6[fd64:3ef5:bb33::2] address is reachable, and you have successfully compiled the net-snmp library using --ipv6 enable,

After compilation you have instructed the snmpd to use both udp and udp6 protocol.

you can debug the SNMP protocol using Wireshark

Alternately you can try other client as well to send the IPv6 pdu to make sure your client is sending the right data.

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