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I have a simple SQL table as following:

INSERT INTO RACUN VALUES(1, 'Gotovina', to_date('02.01.2013', 'DD.MM.YYYY'), 210, 1508989500195);

INSERT INTO RACUN VALUES(2, 'Gotovina', to_date('02.01.2013', 'DD.MM.YYYY'), 220, 1508989500195);

INSERT INTO RACUN VALUES(3, 'Gotovina', to_date('02.01.2013', 'DD.MM.YYYY'), 230, 1508989500195);

INSERT INTO RACUN VALUES(4, 'Gotovina', to_date('02.01.2013', 'DD.MM.YYYY'), 240, 1508989500195);

INSERT INTO RACUN VALUES(5, 'Gotovina', to_date('02.01.2012', 'DD.MM.YYYY'), 250, 1508989500195);

INSERT INTO RACUN VALUES(6, 'Gotovina', to_date('02.01.2012', 'DD.MM.YYYY'), 260, 1508989500195);

INSERT INTO RACUN VALUES(7, 'Gotovina', to_date('02.01.2012', 'DD.MM.YYYY'), 270, 1508989500195);

INSERT INTO RACUN VALUES(8, 'Gotovina', to_date('02.01.2012', 'DD.MM.YYYY'), 280, 1508989500195);

INSERT INTO RACUN VALUES(9, 'Gotovina', to_date('02.01.2012', 'DD.MM.YYYY'), 290, 1508989500195);

INSERT INTO RACUN VALUES(10, 'Gotovina', to_date('02.01.2012', 'DD.MM.YYYY'), 300, 1508989500195);

I need to calculate the sum of price values(the column after date) of rentals in January 2013. How could this be done?

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aggregate functions (sum()) and grouping (group by). Google them. –  Marc B Jan 10 '13 at 15:48
What RDBMS are you using? –  squillman Jan 10 '13 at 15:48

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SELECT SUM(price) as price_sum FROM RACUN WHERE date > '01-01-2013' AND date < '01-31-2013'
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See : http://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_func_sum.asp

Your's might read

SELECT SUM(price_column_name) as PriceSum 
FROM table_name 
WHERE date_column_name date > 'MM-DD-YYYY' AND date < 'MM-DD-YYYY'

subbing the appropriate fields in of course.

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well in sql sum goes like this:

SELECT SUM(column_name) FROM RACUN where date_column between startDate and endDate

since you have not inserted column names i can not adapt it for your case

Or you could extract month and year from the date and use those values in the where clause

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