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The value type of my map is a List<Pair<Integer, String>>

I want to sort it by the left side of first pair in the list. But there is an error said:

The constructor TreeMap<String,List<Pair<Integer,String>>> (Comparator<List<Pair<Integer,String>>>) is undefined

Here is my code:

import java.util.TreeMap;
import org.apache.commons.lang3.tuple.Pair;

Map<String, List<Pair<Integer, String>>> data = new HashMap<String, List<Pair<Integer,String>>>();  
Comparator<List<Pair<Integer, String>>> valueComparator = new Comparator<List<Pair<Integer, String>>>() {
            public int compare(List<Pair<Integer, String>> o1,
                    List<Pair<Integer, String>> o2) {
                int rzt = o1.get(0).getLeft() - o2.get(0).getLeft();
                return rzt;

           TreeMap<String, List<Pair<Integer, String>>> sortedByValues = new TreeMap<String, List<Pair<Integer, String>>>(valueComparator);
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The Comparator should compare keys and not values. The constructor of TreeMap has the following signature:

public TreeMap(Comparator<? super K> comparator)

where K is the type parameter of the Key: Class TreeMap<K,V>

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