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Is there a MySQL provider compatible with MonoTouch for iOS?

Can Mono provider for MySQL database be used with MonoTouch?

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I never tried MySQL support but MonoTouch's provide System.Data and support for Sqlite and SQL server. Postgress support (Npgsql) is also known to work (but not shipped with MT). Note that most people prefer putting a web facade (e.g. a web service) between their applications and the database servers (and that will work with MT). – poupou Jan 10 '13 at 17:28
I can confirm MySQL c# provider does not work out of the box, but I agree with @poupou put an intrmediate layer i.e. WebService sou you can better handle disconection or network failures remember you are on a mobile escenario ;) – dalexsoto Jan 12 '13 at 3:29

No, there is no compatible MonoTouch MySQL provider cause of the missing functionality of System.Data (http://bit.ly/HlKN71).

IMHO it's good that there is just a local Sqlite provider. Just put something like a REST in between your database and your mobile app to get this done.

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