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while read -r line; do
mkdir "UNIX/$line"
done < usernames.lnk

I have this error when running the script shown below. I have checked for any spelling errors but both the script and the usernames file is in the same folder yet it cant detect the file.

/home/user/Documents/New/taskscript.sh: line 4: usernames.lnk: No such file or directory
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The script will look for the file in the current folder (i.e. the folder in which you started it, not the folder in which it is stored).

Try this code instead:


# Determine folder in which this script is stored
BASE=$( cd $( dirname "$0" ) > /dev/null ; pwd )

while read -r line; do
mkdir "UNIX/$line"
done < "$BASE/usernames.lnk"
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The usernames file needs to be in the current directory when you run the script - having it in the same directory as the script will only work when you call the script from that directory.

You should use a full path in the last line if you want to be able to call that script from anywhere.

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confirmed this worked, thank you –  darkeve Jan 10 '13 at 17:00

try to use


instead of

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