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There must be some who have taken a look at the icons for mobile apps (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone) on the market. There are quite a few, free or paid, out there. I am wondering if anyone could share his assessment here.

I know this can be subjective or even controversial, however I believe that I am not the only person who need to make a decision regarding which icon set to use/purchase, and it will be a serious commitment. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Can tell only for Android. Try to adhere to Android design and use icons made by Android Designers. They are really great and you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Some more icons:

There is also an asset studio for Android to generate icons (free)

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Your best bet is to create an icon at a high resolution 1024x1024 and resize it as necessary. For OSX Apps and iOS you need 1024x1024 for the Graphic Logo in the AppStore, for Google Play you need 512x512. Then usually your icon is a resize of those, for example iPad is 72x72 or 144x144. iPhone is 57x57 and 114x114. It all varies. Mac OSX use 1024 all the way down to 16x16 in their icns file.

So the best thing to do is create a PNG, flatten if you can (no transparency) and create it at a high resolution that you can reuse. That way you won't have to keep recreating.

That's my 2 cents.

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For the common application icons such as: share, next, people, send, photo, camera, map, settings, airplane mode, list, folder, random, save, copy, paste, add, calendar, battery, sound, etc you could just use the platform standard icons.

Android Asset Studio

I use them all the time and it's great because the user already knows what the icon mean even before loading your app.

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For android you even don't have to purchase the in-app icons. Just have look in your android folder under /platforms/"certain platform"/data/res/ all the system images can be found and reused in your app. For launcher icons, Appstore icons and stuff like this, I agree with AmitApollo...

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I recommend Picons

They come in 5-6 sizes for you already which is handy (64x64, 128x128 etc...)

I have also always been able to find an icon that worked for what I needed one for.

There are tons of sets out there you can buy-- and some free ones.. I would just take a look at your options and see which icons suit you best, according to your design, icon needs, & price your willing to pay.

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