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I have a datatable with some items. The datatable has some css on the table tag. When I update the dataproviders model list and send the component back with ajax the css doesn't get rendered.

However if I send the entire page using ajax the table is rendered correct.


  <table class="striped">

This css class gives odd and even a different css.

This is how I update the component after changing the dataprovider.

ajaxRequestTarget.add(MyPage.this.get("myPanel")); //this panel contains the table

The data gets added but the css markup is gone. Refreshing the page brings back the css.

ajaxRequestTarget.add(MyPage.this); //send the entire page

This works but the entire page gets refreshed(and this make the page scroll up.

Whats the difference in component rendering if you send the entire page, instead of only 1 component/panel?

I'm using chrome.

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Open the page with Chrome (for example) and check the class attribute in real time. – biziclop Jan 10 '13 at 18:52
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If you render styles via jQuery, you'll have to call it again to re-paint correctly.

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Oops I misunderstood you're answer. Put you're own method at rendermethod. – DavidVdd Jan 11 '13 at 8:38

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