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I want to replace a legacy sql-statement with a Sequel-version and have problems to solve create a concated field.

An example:

require 'sequel'
DB = Sequel.sqlite
  field :text, :type => :nvarchar, :size => 5

sel = DB[:test].select(
  (:text + '1' ).as(:concat)
puts sel.sql
puts sel.all

This works fine, the result is:

SELECT (`text` || '1') AS 'concat' FROM `test`

My problem: I need '1aa'. With SQL this is no problem:

puts DB.fetch("SELECT ('1' || `text`) AS 'concat' FROM `test`").all

But with ruby I get a syntax error ( can't convert Symbol into String (TypeError):

sel = DB[:test].select(
  ('1' + :text).as(:concat)

It's interesting, this works again:

sel = DB[:test].select(
  (:text + '1' + :text).as(:concat)
puts sel.sql
puts sel.all      

But how can I concat a String?

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Just look at Sequels documentation to String Operators

sel = DB[:test].select(
  Sequel.join(['1', :text]).as(:concat)
puts sel.sql
puts sel.all

(Remark: answering your own question is a good thing - and I needed some time to get it).

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