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I'm a beginner in Xcode, but I've programmed in other languages, such as C++. I'm trying to have a global variable in my ViewContoller.m file that I can use in all of the functions. I want to make a globalized mutable array that stores strings. Thank you.

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Do you mean an instance variable? Instance variables can be used from all methods of a class. Global variables are usually shared through all of the program. – DrummerB Jan 10 '13 at 16:54
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If you want to use throughout the application, in all the classes then use Shared Instance/Singleton Class, to form a global variable.

If you want to access within a class create a property. This will be accessible throughout your class by _propertyName and self.propertyName.

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It's better to use properties for the classes, and NSNotificationCenter for that.

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