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Is that possible to split and align rows of CSV like below?

ID Value
1  10
2  20
3  14

Please consider the above as a csv, no need to care about 2nd column (Value). I want to split the 1st Column (ID) and save the result/store it another file.

The output should like: 1,2,3

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awk '!/^[-=]/ && NR!=1{str=str","$1}END{print substr(str,2)}'

tested here

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Your problem is not well specified, but for your particular example you could do:

{ awk 'NR>2 && ! /^--/ { print $1 }' | tr \\n ,; echo; } < input > output

Or perhaps:

< input-file awk 'NR > 1 && NR%2 { print $1 }' | paste -d, -s > output
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