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I have this X axis in my sample project on Core Plot and I wonder how I can customise it a little bit. As you can see it currently has only 3 values on the X axis: enter image description here

But the values of the two plots I have (the black and grey ones) go far beyond the number of points in the X axis (29 against 3 points). Because of the fact that I have 3 points, only 3 values for each plot are shown. I would like to keep displaying the remaining 3 points on the axis but accommodate all my 29 events for my plots (they could be displayed in the middle of 1 and 2 point). How can I do this?

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Increase the length of the xRange of the plot space. The value needed depends on the plot data.

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Thanks for pointing me into the right direction! Worked! –  SergiusGee Jan 13 '13 at 13:04

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