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I'm using Botan to generate hash, perform encryption with aes 256 and now i want to perform asymmetric encryption with that. Reading this page: http://botan.randombit.net/pubkey.html I created a code to generate the public and private key for RSA encryption, but i not understand how to encrypt and decrypt data, can someone help me? I'm using Botan 1.8.8 2009-11-03.

void generatekey()
    LibraryInitializer init;

    std::ostringstream pub;
    std::ostringstream priv;

    int bits = 1024;

    AutoSeeded_RNG rng;

    RSA_PrivateKey key(rng, bits);
    pub << X509::PEM_encode(key);
    priv << PKCS8::PEM_encode(key);

    qDebug() << QString(pub.str().c_str());
    qDebug() << QString(priv.str().c_str());
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Why don't you keep reading on that page down to where it says "encryption"? – James K Polk Jan 11 '13 at 1:09
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After reading some tutorials i wrote this code to asymmetric encryption.

#include <QDebug>
#include <botan/botan.h>
#include <botan/rsa.h>
#include <botan/look_pk.h>

using namespace Botan;

void encryptdata()
        QString text = "abc";

        LibraryInitializer init;

        AutoSeeded_RNG rng;

        RSA_PrivateKey key(rng, 1024);

        std::string pub = X509::PEM_encode(key);

        std::string priv = PKCS8::PEM_encode(key);

        DataSource_Memory key_pub(pub);

        DataSource_Memory key_priv(priv);

        X509_PublicKey *pub_rsa = X509::load_key(key_pub);

        PKCS8_PrivateKey *priv_rsa = PKCS8::load_key(key_priv, rng);

        PK_Encrypting_Key *enckey = dynamic_cast<PK_Encrypting_Key*>(pub_rsa);

        PK_Decrypting_Key *deckey = dynamic_cast<PK_Decrypting_Key*>(priv_rsa);

        PK_Encryptor *enc = get_pk_encryptor(*enckey, "EME1(SHA-256)");

        PK_Decryptor *dec = get_pk_decryptor(*deckey, "EME1(SHA-256)");

        QByteArray array = text.toLatin1();

        byte msgtoencrypt[array.count()];

        for (int i = 0; i < array.count(); i++)
            msgtoencrypt[i] = array[i];

        SecureVector<byte> ciphertext = enc->encrypt(msgtoencrypt, sizeof(msgtoencrypt), rng);

        SecureVector<byte> plaintext = dec->decrypt(ciphertext, ciphertext.size());

        QByteArray encrypted;

        for (uint i = 0; i < ciphertext.size(); i++)
            encrypted[i] = ciphertext[i];

        QByteArray result;

        for (uint i = 0; i < plaintext.size(); i++)
            result[i] = plaintext[i];

        if (array == result)
            qDebug() << "Ok";
            qDebug() << "Error";

        qDebug() << QString(encrypted);
        qDebug() << QString(array);
        qDebug() << QString(result);
    catch(std::exception &e)
        qDebug() << e.what();
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