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I can't seem to get access to a webpage using Powershell. I keep getting a "(407) Proxy Authentication Required". I've tried many things. I don't know what the proxy is or what kind of authentication it requires. The only thing I have access to is in IE it uses a script for configuring. I tried using some IPs from that, but no luck. Any ideas?

Here is one example of what I tried:

$wc = New-Object System.Net.WebClient
$wc.Proxy = [System.Net.WebRequest]::DefaultWebProxy
$wc.Proxy.Credentials = [System.Net.CredentialCache]::DefaultNetworkCredentials
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any final solution with full source code sample? –  Kiquenet Jan 18 '13 at 10:18

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I had a similar issue and resolved it with just two lines of powershell:

$browser = New-Object System.Net.WebClient
$browser.Proxy.Credentials =[System.Net.CredentialCache]::DefaultNetworkCredentials 

Hope this helps.

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Helped me too. +1 –  ulidtko Nov 19 '14 at 10:50

If you know the script - just download it, open with Notepad and find IP and port of your proxy server. As for authentication - most probably your windows credentials are used, so in theory you should be able to keep it empty, unless there's something suspicious in the script.

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try adding cache credentials....

$domain = 'ChDom'
$Client = new-object System.Net.WebClient
$cc = New-object System.Net.CredentialCache
$urlObj = New-object System.Uri($url)

#these variables must be plaintext strings
$creds = New-object System.Net.NetworkCredential($Username,$Password)

#your auth might be different than mine
$client.Credentials = $cc
$Client.Downloadfile($url, C:\Temp\TestPage.html)
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If you use the following you'll receive a prompt to enter your credentials:

$client.Credentials = Get-Credential
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