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I got a weird problem with my dojo app. It's simply about the scope and hitching the object itself. The following code

function(data) {
        console.info(this); // [I]
        var fun = require(["dojo/Deferred"], function(Deferred) {
            console.info(this); // [II]

        lang.hitch(this, fun());

creates this output

Object{...} // from [I]
Window index.php [II]

the desired output has to be 2 times the Object. I thought I understood the hitch-mechanism, but by invoking lang.hitch(this, fun()); it seems to me, that "this" is the object which is printed by [I].

I hope you guys can help!

Thanks in advance!

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What you want to do is hitch the scope of the callback function:

function(data) {
        console.info(this); // [I]
        var fun = require(["dojo/Deferred"], lang.hitch(this,function(Deferred) {
            console.info(this); // [II]

rather than hitching to the return result of the require function after being evaluation lang.hitch(this, fun());

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Thank you so much! This solved the problem!! –  Giehl Man Jan 10 '13 at 17:46

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