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I have two input fields which i would like to sync with each other. Unfortunately, when I add a ChangeListener to each of the TextFields they will trigger each other, and so create an andless loop.

Ofcourse I could unregister the Listeners, on every change and them put them back, but is there any Java native approach?

Maybe something with bindings?

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From general reasoning (i.e. not knowing swt or java): you can add a boolean flag (probably your class member) m_enteredChangeListener, temporary setting it to true in one of your handlers (not both), making the same handler do nothing if it's reentered recursively.

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but who can guarantee, that the listener will be tiggered BEFORE I have released teh log. Especially if I will use multithreading later. – Skip Jan 10 '13 at 17:36
Aren't you limited to one GUI thread for GUI event handlers? (and if "teh log" refers to "the lock": I recommend no lock, just a bare boolean flag -- preventing a single function from reentering itself, so it won't react on text changes causing by itself reacting on text changes). – Anton Kovalenko Jan 10 '13 at 17:42

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