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I'm searching for a javascript logger that indents every message based on the stack depth. For example if function A calls function B it should look like:

hi from A
    hi from B

Also I want it to be able to color the messages if originate from functions from different stacks. That way I can track asynchronous events.

The interface has to be like this:

function B(){ log('hi from B'); }
function A(){ log('hi from A'); B(); }

Any suggestion will be appreciated : )

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1 Answer

I think this function should help you:

var log = function(msg) {
  var $level = 0, parent = arguments.callee.caller;
        && parent.arguments
        && parent.arguments.callee 
        && parent.arguments.callee.caller) {
    parent = parent.arguments.callee.caller;
    $level = $level + 1;
  console.info(Array($level).join("  "), msg);

Output of the following code is as follows:

function B(){ log('hi from B'); }
function A(){ log('hi from A'); B(); }



The log may take a page as a parent callee so you may need to modify output like

console.info(Array($level - 1).join("  "), msg);

Please note that number of space characters in join(" ") specifies how big the indent will be.

I hope that will help.

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