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I'm currently working on a script to build my iOS projects.

I am able to run the archive command using...

xcodebuild -workspace <workspace_name> -scheme <scheme_name> 'archive'

But what is the best way to check for errors? If there is a way to do it without parsing the logs, it would be great. However, if parsing the logs is the best way, what's the best string to look for?

I tested for return codes. xcodebuild returns 0 on success, but also when there are build errors.

Thanks in advance!

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Using -project parameter, you can build your project. Goto your Project.xcodeproj folder on terminal. Then type,

xcodebuild -project projectname.xcodeproj

Check this xcodebuild reference .

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Thanks, but I'm not sure how this answers my question. From what I understand, that only builds the specified project. – jhuynh Jan 16 '13 at 3:48

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