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I am getting null response from youtube api and don't have a clue why.

    public void test () throws JSONException, IOException, ServiceException
      YouTubeService youtube = new YouTubeService (clientId);
      URL feedUrl = new URL ("");
      YouTubeQuery query = new YouTubeQuery(feedUrl);


      VideoFeed videoFeed = youtube.query(query, VideoFeed.class);
      List<VideoEntry> videoEntry = videoFeed.getEntries();

      System.out.println (videoEntry.get(0).getMediaSource());

This code just prints out null what am I doing wrong

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Debug and watch where is null? Well, clear, that you have null in the mediaSource, that means that the videoEnty you access is not null, but empty. – user Jan 10 '13 at 18:25
That would suggest that all are empty and if so why? – Mario Dennis Jan 10 '13 at 18:28

I don't think you want to call setFullTextQuery() and pass in a random URL query parameter there. I don't know what URL ends up being constructed when you do that, but it's almost certainly not what you want.

Instead, follow the examples at for setting category filters.

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