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Scipy has an excelent spatial analysis pack which includes a K-dimensional tree. I am attempting to use the query function and it is returning this error:

ValueError: x must consist of vectors of length 6 but has shape (2,)

Does anyone know what this error is referring to?

From some google searching I have discovered it has this general format:

raise ValueError("x must consist of vectors of length %d but has shape %s" % (self.m, np.shape(x)))

I believe This is the source code.

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What are you trying to do? Without knowing how you have instantiated your K-tree, and what are you querying it with, it is hard to figure out what may be going on. –  Jaime Jan 10 '13 at 19:56

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Figured it out:

This particular value error is referencing the length of the array used to build the KD Tree.

The %d value represents the length of the array used to build the KD tree, and the %s value represents the length of the array like object you are using to query.

In my example the %d value was 6 because I had built a 6 dimensional array. The %s value was 2 because I had only fed it two coordinates: (X,Y) to query.

My error was that I had accidentally included 4 extra fields when building the KD tree. Now that both values are 2, all works as expected.

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