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I am working with TFS 2010. I need to find a way to search the fields that have changed which are tracked in the history of a work item. As fields are changed and updated they get tracked in History and you can view them by opening the "Show Changes(Fields)" dropdown. Is there a way to search this?

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There is no built-in function for that however I needed the same thing some time ago and I wrote a little utility called TFS Helper that does it (and some more things).

You can get the source code from codeplex. The tab named "Work Item Field History" is what you want. It shows changed fields of a work item with the number of changes. You can see all changes when you click on a field.


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Thanks e-mre. I will have to have our IT guy check this out. –  user1967739 Jan 14 '13 at 19:58

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