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I have a class under a class like :

public class Class0 implements Class1{

    static class Class2 extends Class3 {


In another class I want to verify if my object is an instance of Class2, using obj instanceof Class2.

So when I print the class of my object I obtain :

class Class0$Class2

My question is, how do I use instanceof in this case? because when I try Class0.??! I dont obtain Class0.Class2

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Use instanceof Class0.Class2. But make sure that the class is visible. You declared the class with the package visibility. The name Class0$Class2 is the name of your class in the compiled code. Normally you don't refer to it.

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I have a responnnnse ! i must to make my class visible public. Thanks ;) –  Mehdi Jan 10 '13 at 18:52

I think that if you want to make sure an object is of specific class you need to use Object.getClass() method, not instanceof operator.

Because the operator will simply return true if an given object is an instance of a given class, and this would be true for all the parent classes and interfaces in your object's hierarchy.

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