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In my Web.Debug.config I have this:

      In the example below, the "Replace" transform will replace the entire 
      <customErrors> section of your Web.config file.
      Note that because there is only one customErrors section under the 
      <system.web> node, there is no need to use the "xdt:Locator" attribute.

      <customErrors defaultRedirect="GenericError.htm"
        mode="RemoteOnly" xdt:Transform="Replace">
        <error statusCode="500" redirect="InternalError.htm"/>

How can I change this so that it changes the value in the config file to:

<customErrors mode="Off" /> to <system.web> in the web.config file

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Just change it to this:

  <customErrors mode="Off" xdt:Transform="Replace">
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Eonasdan is on the right track.

The correct way to do this is, in your debug config, set the errors to "Off".

In your Web.Release.config, use a transform:

<customErrors mode="Off" xdt:Transform="Replace">

This way, when you push your code to production, use the Web.Release.config file in the Visual Studio dropdown, and the transform will replace what is in the web.config file.

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