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I'm working with API to get episode listings for a show. In general, the XML format is something like:


What I do is to parse the XML using Hash.from_xml and then process the data. To iterate through the episodes, I do something like:

hash_data['Data']['Episode'].each do ...

This works great if there are multiple episodes. But if there's only one episode, the each method actually iterates through the hash entries for that single particular episode, rather than just running the each method once. That breaks all of my code following it.

I tried:

hash_data['Data']['Episode'].to_a.each do ...

with the same results. There must be a "right" way to do this?

UPDATE: I thought this question was fairly clear, but it appears people are confused by it. To clarify, I'm really trying to just iterate through the episodes and look at the contents. The data is initially received as XML, so in order to examine it in Ruby, I convert it to a hash using Hash.from_xml(xml_response).

In terms of "expected behaviour", take this example:

hash_data['Data']['Episode'].each do |e| { puts e['EpisodeNumber'] }

I would expect that given this initial data:


The output would be:


That works. However, if I'm given input like this:


I get a crash, because e['EpisodeNumber'] is not valid. It's not valid because in the case of only one episode, the each actually iterates through each key of the Hash (so the first value coming into the each block is a key-value pair of EpisodeName) instead of being an array of Hashes as it was when there was more than one element.

In other words, when there are multiple episodes, hash_data['Data']['Episode'] is an Array of Hash types. When there is only one episode, it's just a Hash. My code would work properly if, when there was one episode, it was still an Array, but with only one item in it. But that's not the case. How can I deal with this properly?

I hope that clears it up?

UPDATE 2: It's been requested that I post Hash#inspect for the returned data. Here it is for a show with a single episode:

{"Data"=>{"Series"=>{"id"=>"263752", "Actors"=>"||", "Airs_DayOfWeek"=>"Thursday", "Airs_Time"=>"10pm", "ContentRating"=>nil, "FirstAired"=>"2013-01-17", "Genre"=>"|Game Show|Reality|", "IMDB_ID"=>"tt2401129", "Language"=>"en", "Network"=>"TBS Superstation", "NetworkID"=>nil, "Overview"=>"Hosted by Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong, King of the Nerds is the ultimate nerd-off. The series will follow eleven fierce competitors from across the nerd spectrum as they set out to win $100,000 and be crowned the greatest nerd of them all.\n\nKing of the Nerds will take the glory of geekdom to a whole new level as the eleven competitors live together in \"Nerdvana.\" Each week, they must face challenges that will test their intellect, ingenuity, skills and pop culture prowess. In each episode, the nerds will first compete as teams and then as individuals, facing challenges that range from live gaming to a dance-off to life-sized chess. One competitor will be eliminated each week until one nerd stands alone as the ultimate champion off all things nerdy.", "Rating"=>nil, "RatingCount"=>"0", "Runtime"=>"60", "SeriesID"=>nil, "SeriesName"=>"King of the Nerds", "Status"=>"Continuing", "added"=>"2012-10-31 21:53:29", "addedBy"=>"348252", "banner"=>"graphical/263752-g2.jpg", "fanart"=>"fanart/original/263752-1.jpg", "lastupdated"=>"1357501598", "poster"=>nil, "zap2it_id"=>nil}, "Episode"=>{"id"=>"4428487", "Combined_episodenumber"=>"1", "Combined_season"=>"1", "DVD_chapter"=>nil, "DVD_discid"=>nil, "DVD_episodenumber"=>nil, "DVD_season"=>nil, "Director"=>nil, "EpImgFlag"=>nil, "EpisodeName"=>"Welcome to the Nerdvana", "EpisodeNumber"=>"1", "FirstAired"=>"2013-01-17", "GuestStars"=>nil, "IMDB_ID"=>nil, "Language"=>"en", "Overview"=>nil, "ProductionCode"=>nil, "Rating"=>nil, "RatingCount"=>"0", "SeasonNumber"=>"1", "Writer"=>nil, "absolute_number"=>nil, "filename"=>nil, "lastupdated"=>"1357501766", "seasonid"=>"504427", "seriesid"=>"263752"}}}

Notice that Episode is a Hash type.

Here it is for a show with more than one episode:

{"Data"=>{"Series"=>{"id"=>"220441", "Actors"=>"||", "Airs_DayOfWeek"=>"Saturday", "Airs_Time"=>"8:30PM", "ContentRating"=>"TV-PG", "FirstAired"=>"2010-12-25", "Genre"=>"|Children|Drama|", "IMDB_ID"=>"tt1765510", "Language"=>"en", "Network"=>"The Hub", "NetworkID"=>nil, "Overview"=>nil, "Rating"=>"7.0", "RatingCount"=>"1", "Runtime"=>"30", "SeriesID"=>nil, "SeriesName"=>"R L Stine's The Haunting Hour", "Status"=>"Continuing", "added"=>"2011-01-10 15:59:43", "addedBy"=>"66501", "banner"=>"graphical/220441-g.jpg", "fanart"=>"fanart/original/220441-1.jpg", "lastupdated"=>"1354439519", "poster"=>"posters/220441-1.jpg", "zap2it_id"=>nil}, "Episode"=>[{"id"=>"3453441", "Combined_episodenumber"=>"1", "Combined_season"=>"1", "DVD_chapter"=>nil, "DVD_discid"=>nil, "DVD_episodenumber"=>nil, "DVD_season"=>nil, "Director"=>nil, "EpImgFlag"=>"2", "EpisodeName"=>"Really You (Part 1)", "EpisodeNumber"=>"1", "FirstAired"=>"2010-10-29", "GuestStars"=>"|Bailee Madison|Connor Price|", "IMDB_ID"=>nil, "Language"=>"en", "Overview"=>"A girl named Lilly (Bailee Madison) is given her very own life-sized \"Really You\" doll which is named Lilly D.; because she is good at manipulating her dad. Lilly remains a spoiled brat, bragging about Lilly D, even going as far as ripping the leg off a friends doll, after the friend informs Lilly that \"Lilly D hates Lilly\". Soon after, strange events begin to occur which Lilly's mother accuses Lilly of doing; despite how Lilly maintains she is innocent, and that Lilly D is alive.", "ProductionCode"=>nil, "Rating"=>"8.0", "RatingCount"=>"1", "SeasonNumber"=>"1", "Writer"=>nil, "absolute_number"=>nil, "filename"=>"episodes/220441/3453441.jpg", "lastupdated"=>"1350772755", "seasonid"=>"393441", "seriesid"=>"220441"}, ...

Notice Episode is now an Array of Hash types.

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Please include a properly-formatted sample of your expected output so folks understand the results you're trying to achieve. – CodeGnome Jan 10 '13 at 19:13
Please post hash_data.inspect so we understand the structure of your hash data. – CodeGnome Jan 10 '13 at 20:48
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It sounds like Rails' Array#wrap method would solve your problem. I believe this should work:

Array.wrap(hash_data['Data']['Episode']).each do ...

Documentation here.

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Nailed it. That did the trick! – aardvarkk Jan 10 '13 at 21:04

Use Hash Key/Value Methods

Rather than Enumerator#each, you probably want to use Hash#each_key, Hash#each_value, or Hash#each_pair to iterate through your hash.

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I thought I had it figured out, but I actually just fixed it for single episodes and broke it for multiple ones. I added a big update that I hope clears up the confusion. – aardvarkk Jan 10 '13 at 20:44

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