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I am trying to generate documents based off of some user-information in Google apps.

I have something like the following code (simplified):

var titleAndPath = "./some/other/path/bar.doc"
var info = "foo";
var currentDoc = DocumentApp.create(titleAndPath);
var title = currentDoc.appendParagraph(info);

However, I can't actually seem to save to anything except the 'root' Google Drive directory. Put another way, I would like to save the documents in some sub-folder. Does the google API have this functionality? I checked the Document API to no avail ( ).

Hopefully this one isn't as super obvious as I fear it might be!

Thanks in advance.

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The notion of path does not exist when you call DocumentApp.create, i.e. slashes and dots are interpreted as just another character in the file name. What you need to do is use the DriveApp class together with the DocumentApp class. This looks like the following (untested):

var title = "bar.doc";
var doc = DocumentApp.create ( title );
var docId = doc.getId ();                     // retrieve the document unique id
var docFile = DriveApp.getFileById ( docId ); // then get the corresponding file
// Use the DriveApp folder creation and navigation mechanisms either:
// - to get to your existing folder, or
// - to create the folder path you need.
var folder = …
folder.addFile ( docFile );
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