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I have poured over the documentation but I can't seem to find out how I can route a URI to a module.

My module currently contains a single controller using the correct directory structure (currently a ton of empty directories). I have my controller inside modules/module_name/classes/controller and my routes file inside modules/module_name/config/routes.php.

I have tried the following in both /app/config/routes.php and modules/module_name/config/routes.php:

return array(
    '_root_'  => 'md5_encrypt/index',  // The default route

    'tools/geek/md5_encrypt' => array('md5_encrypt'),

The controller looks like below (but I don't think that is relevant):


 * MD5 Encrypt Controller.
 * Online tool to encrypt a string using MD5
 * @package  app
 * @extends  Controller

namespace Md5_encrypt;

class Controller_Md5_Encrypt extends Controller_Template

     * The tool
     * @access  public
     * @return  Response
    public function action_index()
        $data = array();
        $this->template->tab = 'geek';
        $this->template->title = 'MD5 Encrypt Tool';
        $this->template->content = View::forge('welcome/index', $data);     
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You can't have an underscore in a namespace name. Same for the controller name.

The autoloader will convert underscores to directory separators when looking for the file.

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Thanks, but that hasn't fixed it. I would imagine it would have errored were the routes working –  mikemike Jan 10 '13 at 20:21

First you should set the path of your application modules in app/config/config.php

'module_paths' => array(
    APPPATH.'modules'.DS, // path to application modules

Second set routing in app/config/routes.php

'tools/geek/md5_encrypt' => 'md5_encrypt(module_name)/md5_encrypt(controller)',

However, since you are using underscore for your Controller's Name class Controller_Md5_Encrypt extends Controller_Template, it resulted to a new path.


Underscore(_) in your Controller's name was converted to a directory separator during autoloading

Your /modules/md5_encrypt/classes/controller/md5_encrypt.php file was not found during autoloading.

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