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I have a SQLite table (with more than 100000 rows) that I want its rows streamed.

I do:

Cursor cursor = db.rawQuery("SELECT _id FROM hugetable", new String[] {});

The problem is that just getting the first row as:


seems to load the whole table, being quite slow.

Is there a way to stream a query without having wait to load all the rows when fetching the first row?

(like I can do with the plain C SQLite API outside Android)

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The Android Cursor is designed to load all data for caching.

To work arouns this, you have to manually query the data in steps:

FROM hugetable
LIMIT 100;

FROM hugetable
WHERE _id > last_id_from_previous_query
LIMIT 100;
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I did not know Android did not allow this use case as many database APIs do. Having to make multiple queries requires parsing each query and building a query plan for each witch reduces performance. I have requested this use case in the Android database API: – jcarlos Jan 11 '13 at 8:07

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