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in one of the web app that I am automating, I find that I came across to some elements that have no ID or class or anything associated, or associated dynamically and won't be able to capture, therefore I have to use link text, for example, "Canada", and then when I do

driver.FindElements(By.LinkText("Canada")).Count > 0 , 

I won't get a "True" although "Canada" is right there. Does anybody came across this before and have any idea why it is?

Thank you!

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driver.switchTo().frame("Your LinkText Frame Name");
driver.FindElements(By.LinkText("Canada")).Count > 0 ;

and try.

I think it may work.

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Are you sure "Canada" is indeed in a <a> tag ? By.LinkText is meant to search for anchor text

You can certainly create a XPath to search By.xpath. Something like "//*[contains(text(),'Canada')]" (this is the only xpath I can give you without knowing your HTML structure)

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