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Blog-example and the nicEditor on the tutorial on yesodweb work as they should. To learn something about yesod & scaffolding etc, I downloaded nicEdit, unzipped it, and put it into /static/js/nicEdit.js.

Then I edited Handler/Blog.hs and added the following there (modified a bit from Yesod.Form.Nic + some imports):

-- nicHtmlField2 :: YesodNic master => Field sub master Html
nicHtmlField2 = Field
    { fieldParse = \e _ -> return . Right . fmap (preEscapedText . sanitizeBalance) . listToMaybe $ e
    , fieldView = \theId name attrs val _isReq -> do
        toWidget [shamlet|
$newline never
    <textarea id="#{theId}" *{attrs} name="#{name}" .html>#{showVal val}
        -- addScript' urlNicEdit
        addScript $ StaticR js_nicEdit_js
        -- addScript $ StaticR img_nicEditorIcons_gif
        master <- lift getYesod
        toWidget $
          case jsLoader master of
            BottomOfHeadBlocking -> [julius|
bkLib.onDomLoaded(function(){new nicEditor({fullPanel:true}).panelInstance("#        {rawJS theId}")});
            _ -> [julius|
(function(){new nicEditor({fullPanel:true}).panelInstance("#{rawJS theId}")})();
    , fieldEnctype = UrlEncoded
    showVal = either id (pack . renderHtml)

Then, entryForm to use the above function in the Handler/Blog.hs, after which


into cabal,

/static StaticR Static getStatic 

into config/routes and touched Settings/StaticFiles.

If I recalled all the steps, the editor shows up now using local static javascript-file.

The problem is that static/js/nicEdit.js references nicEditorIcons.gif. At the moment, I do not know, how say to yesod, how to find the gif-file. The editor works and the buttons are there without any Icons. I tried to get them by adding a route to static icon file img_nicEditorIcons_gif. Now yesod log says yesod finds the icons. However, the icons are not visible in the nicEdit in the form.

I guess this is a basic thing, but couldn't find an answer to the problem ... so

  1. Is it possible to refer to img_nicEditorIcons_gif in nicEdit.js directly? If so, how?

  2. Is it possible to tell to yesod to let the nicEdit find the gif without editing the nicEdit.js-file (by using routes or handles or something)?

  3. Use Shakespearean approach, put nicEdit.js contents to a julius-file and gif as a static route... which would mean that the js-file is not static anymore? Anyhow, I'll try this, too.

What I have discovered so far?

  1. A change on nicEdit.js

     iconsPath : './nicEditorIcons.gif',

    to use @{Img_nicEditorIcons_gif} or with #{} did not work. (Gif is in static/img-dir and also on a number of other places now.)

    A partial answer is to use in nicEdit.js

     iconsPath : 'http://localhost:3000/static/img/nicEditorIcons.gif?etag=gUsMv6k-',

    Now the icons show up! However, this clumsy in the sense that it would be much better to let the widget (Field -function) to find out the etag-part automatically. Etag-part can be found from the source code of the web-page that didn't show the Icons.

    Actually, in nicEdit.js one can use either of the first two of the following and icon's will show up:

     iconsPath : './static/img/nicEditorIcons.gif',
     // iconsPath : 'http://localhost:3000/static/img/nicEditorIcons.gif',
     // iconsPath : './nicEditorIcons.gif',

    This is almost acceptable now. The only irritating thing still left is that as a library user, I still should edit the original source a bit.

  2. What about the following handler:

    module Handler.Img_nicEditorIcons_gif where
    import Import
    getImg_nicEditorIcons_gif :: Handler RepHtml
    getImg_nicEditorIcons_gif = do 
        defaultLayout $ do
            -- $(widgetFile "img_nicEditorIcons_gif")
            -- [whamlet|@{StaticR img_nicEditorIcons_gif}|]
            [whamlet|<img src=@{StaticR img_nicEditorIcons_gif}>|]

    Now the server says:

     GET /blog
     Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8
     11/Jan/2013:22:05:09 +0200 [Debug#SQL] "SELECT \"id\",\"title\",\"content\" FROM     \"article\" ORDER BY \"title\" DESC" [] @(persistent- ./Database/Persist/GenericSql/Raw.hs:121:12)
     Status: 200 OK. /blog
     GET /nicEditorIcons.gif
     Accept: image/png,image/*;q=0.8,*/*;q=0.5
     Status: 200 OK. /nicEditorIcons.gif

    But the editor still does not find the icons. Route works, if put into the browser. Img-tag shows the icons nicely on a separate page. Similarly, if using StaticR, the icons can be found from the javascript part (a link in the footer), but not in editor...

  3. Julius-case, also a partial success.

    As in the first case (static), by using

     iconsPath : 'http://localhost:3000/static/img/nicEditorIcons.gif',

    in the blog3.julius file, the icons showed up. In this case, blog3-handler in Handler/Blog3.hs is

     getBlog3R :: Handler RepHtml
     getBlog3R = do
       defaultLayout $ do
         setTitle "Trial to find the icons"
         $(widgetFile "articles3")
         $(widgetFile "blog3")
         toWidget $ [julius|
     bkLib.onDomLoaded(function(){new nicEditor({fullPanel:true}).panelInstance("h3")});

    Corresponding template/articles3.hamlet is

     <h1> Articles3
     $if null articles
       -- Show a standard message if there is no article
       <p> There are no articles in the blog
       -- Show the list of articles
         $forall Entity articleId article <- articles
              <a href=@{ArticleR articleId} > #{articleTitle article}

    File blog3.hamlet is

       <form method="post" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded">
         <input type="hidden" name="_token" value="8mFKLWnKcn">
         <div class="required ">
           <label for="h2">Title
           <input id="h2" name="f2" type="text" required value="">
         <div class="required ">
           <label for="h3">Content
           <textarea id="h3" name="f3">
          <input type="submit" value="Post New Article">

    But as stated already, also in this solution there is a need to edit nicEdit.js sources a bit...

Even though this is almost solved, if anybody has a better alternative to this, I'd like hear about it... And case two above, I'll quess it's quite far from anything usable at the moment.

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