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I am looking for a framework that will generate Javascript for the client side, and i am willing to learn more F# to do this.

It is mandatory to have a decimal fully compatible datatype in Javascript Can it be done? Are there any guides for extending Websharper?

I noticed that on websharper website there is no link to forums and the websharper google group has latest post from 2011.

Is the project still active, maintained and developed?

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Yes, it's very actively maintained. The main point of contact is at Bitbucket. Paging @toyvo... –  ildjarn Jan 10 '13 at 22:10
As an alternative to WebSharper, you can also check out FunScript (github.com/ZachBray/FunScript). This is quite recent and actively developed F# to JavaScript translator with an open-source license that allows commercial use. It could be quite easily extended to support decimal if there was a JS library implementing a fully compatible data type - finding or implementing such library is probably the key problem for both WebSharper and FunScript. For both, F# implementation would be sufficient (as it could be translated to JavaScript). –  Tomas Petricek Jan 10 '13 at 23:43

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