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I am looking for a basic open source http proxy server for Google App Engine. Preferably written in Python. Any suggestions?

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for just HTTP/HTTPS PROXY, try with this

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SOCKS is not an HTTP-based protocol, so it's not possible to write a SOCKS proxy on App Engine.

Edit: Note I wrote the above when you were specifically referring to a SOCKS proxy.

Regarding general HTTP proxy servers, you can't really do that on App Engine, either, because proxies need to be able to accept requests for any hostname; your App Engine app will only accept requests for the hosts you're serving off it.

You could write an 'anonymizer' type interface on App Engine, but it's not a true proxy, because it will require rewriting URLs to work.

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For basic HTTP/HTTPS tasks use

Here is a quick demo of using Google App Engine as a proxy server.

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